Not My Restaurant

Over the past six weeks we have been working hard to start our pop up restaurant. At first I wasn’t down for being a part in this idea because I didn’t understand the purpose of it, but my mind was changed when we started talking about what jobs we would have and getting paid. It […]

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Let’s Eat Some Yuca Frita

Portions: 15 to 20 servings Preperation time: 5 minuets Cook Time: 25 minuets INGREDIENTS: 1 lb (16 oz/453.6g) yuca 4 cups (946ml) water Salt salt (pinch of salt) 2 cloves of garlic finely crushed Frying oil Procedure: Peel the yuca into 2 inch (5.08cm) long and 1/2 inch thick strips Boil the water with the salt […]

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So Many Markets

Rouses, Resturaunt Depot, Whole Foods, local farmers markets, and the Hollygrove Market. Man, we visited so many different places to find food and see how the prices differentiated. There were many differences and similarities within the markets we visted. In Rouses and Whole Foods they were the cleanestand most organized places and they both smelled […]

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Hungry For a Taste of Home

There’s only one thing that can make me stop everything that I’m doing and make me come home and that is my grandmothers peach cobbler. This dish is really important to my family beacause it always brings us together. This delectable dessert leaves my tastebuds crying and craving the cobblers’ crispy top and creamy peachy […]

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Cooking in the Summer

On June 2nd 2017, at The NET Charter High School in New Orleans Louisiana, our class decided that we were going to make chips and dip. First we cut up some very foul smelling yet very fresh tortilla into small trrianglular shapes. Next we slathered the chips in some canola oil and lightly salted them. […]

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